Project Possible

14 peaks 7 months


With the aim and determination to prove the world that if you truly believe in something you can achieve it, our founder/expedition leader Nirmal Purja MBE ‘Nims’ is embarking on an extraordinary journey where he will climb all the 14 highest peak in just 7 months.

Nims is straight up looking at the face of Impossible and has already set forth to the challenge with successful completion of his first mountain Mt Annapurna, which is one of the hardest mountains in the world with a high fatality rate.

He has now set his foot on the next mountain, Mt Dhaulagiri, but for him to fully complete this challenge he is still looking for funding.

In support to raise funds for Project Possible, Elite Himalayan Adventures proudly presents the Project Possible 14/7 merchandise. All profit made from the goods sold will directly go towards Project Possible.

Let's support this extraorinary human endevaour - PROJECT POSSIBLE 14/7 !